Opening of vested benefits account

Form to open vested benefits accounts. Vested benefits accounts with us may only be opened by occupational benefits organisations/vested benefits foundations.

Next steps

There are two ways in which you can open an account with us:

  1. Individual applications with individual payments
  2. Individual applications with one batch payment

Both options can be processed via the same link:

Online input

Important information

  • The data you transmit to us carries your electronic signature. This data is automatically entered into our system and cannot/must not be edited by us during import. This data is therefore deemed to be complete and accurate. We will not make any enquiries into the completeness and accuracy of the data transmitted to us. For audit reasons, we are therefore no longer obliged to ask for any details that may be missing.

  • For legal reasons, private individuals or institutions that are neither occupational benefits organisations nor vested benefits foundations are not permitted to open an account with us.


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Vested benefits accounts
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