Our values for cooperation

Our core values

Our values determine our thinking and our actions. We address them continuously in our daily cooperation. We are open to new ideas, have the confidence to grow beyond ourselves and approach negative as well as positive issues. We also reflect on ourselves and our work from time to time.

Our values of cooperation have been developed and defined in a common process between employees of all hierarchical Levels.


We communicate transparently across all levels.

"Transparency should be as great as possible, as appropriate to the situation and target group. Complete transparency is neither desirable nor sensible. It is the basis for thought processes, an understanding of wider contexts, and for a learning organisation. But most importantly: transparency is the basis of trust.” 



We take responsibility for our actions and for our employees.

“To me, acting responsibly means never losing sight of your own resources and initiating discussions with others at an early stage in order to remain healthy.” 



We encourage and require loyalty in our employees by creating a trusting working environment.

“For me, loyalty always begins with efforts to challenge irritations or misunderstandings in a constructive manner.” 



We support our employees in strengthening their professional and personal skills.

“I appreciate working in an environment that offers me the opportunity to just try things out. This reinforces my experience and keeps me and the team moving forward, both personally and professionally.” 


Learning organisation

We are ready to learn new things and take an open and constructive approach to mistakes.

“I believe in the principle of admitting mistakes, and analysing the reasons for them.” 



We involve our employees in organisational business and decision-making processes.

"Platforms like the EB breakfast and the EB lunch or JIRA give me the chance to be involved in the company." 



We treat each other with esteem and respect.

“To me, esteem means that managers treat all employees fairly and show them the same respect.”