Our values for cooperation

Our core values

Our values determine our thinking and our actions. We address them continuously in our daily cooperation. We are open to new ideas, have the confidence to grow beyond ourselves and approach negative as well as positive issues. We also reflect on ourselves and our work from time to time.

Our values of cooperation have been developed and defined in a common process between employees of all hierarchical Levels.


We treat each other with esteem and respect.

"When I sense that the contribution I make on a daily basis is important and helpful to the institution, I feel one hundred per cent valued."



We are transparent, inform and communicate clearly and recipient-oriented.

“Transparency is important in order to understand the whole organisation. Transparency is putting trust in people."


"Transparency is the foundation stone for trust and strengthens the feeling of solidarity."



We take over responsibility for our actions.

“I act responsibly when I take the initiative and, more than that, think things through, come up with solutions and look at the whole picture, rather than concentrating on just an individual case. In other words, an engaged and conscientious Approach."


"To me, responsibility means standing by my own actions, whether they were positive or negative." 



We are loyal.

“Knowing when it’s better to say something and when not to. That’s the most important of all qualities, whether in respect to colleagues, the team, your managers, the company or Friends."


"Loyal friends, colleagues and co-workers standing by others, being dependable in supporting them, having shared values and pursuing shared goals."



We promote our competencies.

“To me, the quality of competence is central. Because, in the end, we are assessed on whether or not we carry out our duties competently. To me, that means that we should always take the time to consolidate our professional and personal skills."


Learning Organization

We are a learning organization, improve us constantly and come continue.

"The fact that we can openly address things which aren’t working perfectly and look for solutions together in order to improve. That I can make a mistake without my ability being immediately called into question. That I’m allowed to learn from my mistakes."



We participate, by getting involved and co-decide.

"It’s commitment and involvement that move things Forward."


"Involvement means that I help to create a pleasant working atmosphere and take an active part in my everyday working life."