Your advantages

Fair pay

We pay fairly 

Women who work for the institution earn the same as their male counterparts with comparable qualifications and jobs. The Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS) has certified us as an equal-pay employer.

Our salaries are a fixed annual amount that is paid in thirteen monthly instalments.

Training and further education

We set great store by ongoing personal and professional development. As an employer, we tailor our training and development activities to reflect our strategic objectives and core business competencies. Ongoing training for staff and managers is a crucial element of our approach to employee development. We make professional development a priority and promote targeted development activities, which includes providing funding. 

Corporate culture

We work in proactive teams in an atmosphere shaped by openness, good humour and simplicity, with a flat management structure.  We treat each other as equals and worthy of respect: everyone is on first name terms. We value our diversity, which creates a blend of different cultures and languages. We speak German, French and Italian – not always perfectly and often a incredible jumble of all three. What matters is that we understand one another.

We all enjoy our work: it is a pleasure to see our colleagues, work together to make things happen, and to work for an organisation that makes a unique and valuable contribution to occupational benefits throughout Switzerland. There is no organisation like ours: we often have to deal with issues that no other business encounters. We join forces in workshops and project teams to come up with answers and pragmatic solutions. All of which makes for interesting, fascinating and varied work. 

Lots of things are changing in our organisation at the moment. We are making great leaps forward and change is part of our working life, from technical IT changes to commercial challenges linked to political and social realities to how we communicate with customers. We welcome these changes: we are flexible and take a pragmatic approach to challenges. We are willing to move outside our comfort zone and try new things every now and then. We are managing the changes together and are all pulling in the same direction.

Modern offices

Our offices are located next to railway stations in Zurich-Oerlikon, Lausanne and Bellinzona. The sites have excellent public transport links. We recommend leaving your car at home, because we don't have a car park. You can apply to rent a parking space in one of the nearby car parks.

Our offices are modern, spacious, light and inspirational. We have personal workspaces in open-plan offices. Each workspace contains an adjustable-height desk, laptop or PC, and two screens. 

In Zurich and Lausanne we provide quiet zones for when our work requires total concentration. Small casual cubicles are available for informal conversations; we also have a range of different-sized meeting rooms and a conference room.

Our canteens are convivial places where we can take a break or eat lunch together.

All sites have a wide range of food outlets with something for every taste.

Fringe benefits

We offer a minimum of 25 days' paid leave, rising to a maximum of 32 days depending on age and grade.

We offer particularly good social insurance benefits.

In addition to the statutory compulsory accident insurance, we have supplementary accident insurance cover for employees that includes treatment in a private hospital ward. All our employees benefit from daily sickness allowance insurance. As an employer, we pay the accident and daily sickness allowance insurance premiums.

We enrol our employees in an occupational pension scheme managed by the City of Zurich pension fund. We pay above-average employer contributions at a rate of 62%, which means that employees contribute 38%. 

The benefits package also includes Lunch-Checks, SBB half-fare travelcard, Reka-Checks, external staff counsellors, flu jabs, bonuses for long service, drinks, coffee and fruit.

Career opportunities

There are career opportunities in all areas of the Substitute Occupational Benefit Institution. For example:

Customer Service Officer: You look after our customers in occupational benefits plans, manage vested benefits accounts, handle claims and check whether an employer with staff subject to the LOB has joined an occupational benefits scheme.

Manager: As a manager, you challenge, encourage and coach, and ensure that the team fulfils the service mission. You are not alone in this managing role. We structure the organisation and cooperation so that we strengthen mutual support and teamwork together. Naturally, we also support and encourage you in your leadership role by means of specific seminars or internal management development programmes.

Service Provider (m/f) / Specialist (m/f): As internal service providers and specialists in the fields of finance (accounting and bookkeeping, controlling, actuarial science, capital investments), LOB, law and compliance, human resources, specialist training, communication and logistics, we ensure that the right instruments and basic structures are available in the right quality and in the appropriate quantity for optimum performance of the job.

IT: The Substitute Occupational Benefit Institution manages all business processes, including highly complex ones, from the 2nd pillar and the vested benefits accounts on the administration platform (Java) developed in house. In agile teams, you develop new solutions together according to Scrum and optimise and develop processes for our platform. In the IT infrastructure area, you look after the users and ensure that everything runs smoothly. You get involved in the event of faults and their rectification and you do all that together with your team. As a software developer, supporter, system specialist, etc., you have modern IT infrastructure at your disposal.

Trainee: As a trainee in the commercial fields and in IT application development, you will receive wide-ranging and solid workplace training which prepares you optimally for your professional Career.