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The Substitute Occupational Benefit Institution is unique: a non-profit organisation that operates on behalf of the Federal Council, it is the only pension fund in Switzerland to provide compulsory occupational pensions (LOB) to all individuals and employers who request affiliation, and looks after more than 1.2 million customers with vested benefits accounts. As a private foundation supported by employees’ and employers’ associations,  it acts as a key cornerstone of Pillar 2 provision and provides important support for the stability of the system. 

The Substitute Occupational Benefit Institution has seen constant growth, and manages total assets of over 16 billion Swiss francs. It employs around 190 people at its three locations in Zurich, Lausanne and Bellinzona.

Vested benefits – also referred to as termination benefits – are the assets that all insured persons accumulate with their pension scheme if they pay savings contributions.